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4 ins and outs of sustainability in 2024

Ins and out are all the rage on podcasts at the start of 2024. We thought we’d join in the fun with our own list of things that are in and out in the world of sustainability. As we inch closer to 2030 and try to reach the targets of the UN...

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6 easy ways your library can promote sustainability

It’s National Recycling Week and we all know how easy it is to feel like the problems of waste and consumerism are just too big to tackle. But libraries can achieve so much in creating sustainable lifestyles for their communities. Here are some of...

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Books – from covering to end-of-life

Heard of nose-to-tail eating? This involves utilising the entire animal for increased sustainability in agriculture. But how about prologue-to-epilogue, foreword-to-afterword, or even preface to appendix for...

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