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Loving our sustainability champions

This year I’d like to think of Library Lover’s Day as an opportunity celebrate some of the amazing work that libraries are doing toward ensuring a sustainable future.   Sustainability kits and induction hobs. With rising cost of living and the...

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4 ins and outs of sustainability in 2024

Ins and out are all the rage on podcasts at the start of 2024. We thought we’d join in the fun with our own list of things that are in and out in the world of sustainability. As we inch closer to 2030 and try to reach the targets of the UN...

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3 ways to make friends while helping the planet

Saving the planet is not a solitary task. It takes many hands and many voices. Kate Leaver in her book The friendship cure states decisively that friendship is the cure to our modern epidemic of loneliness. We couldn’t agree more so if you’re...

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